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Welcome to the WCPSS Early College Application process. You can create your application for any WCPSS Early Colleges(including the Leadership Academies and Vernon Malone College and Career Academy) from this site. If you have already created an account, please enter your student ID and password below. If you have not created an account for this application, please click here to create your User ID and Password. If you need further assistance, please contact the Office of Magnet and Curriculum Enhancement Programs at 919-533-7295.



Please re-enter the student ID number, birthday, house number and next grade to link this application to the transfer request. 

Students that are not currently attending  or pre-registered in a WCPSS school will need to enroll at the base school for your address first and get/activate a student ID number. You can find the base school at wcpss.net/eligible. You can find enrollment info at wcpss.net/enroll.

Each of the early colleges offers EXPRESS BUSING for identified areas- With Express busing, parents accept responsibility for driving their student to a central location such as a school or a shopping center for pick up by the school bus. The school bus will travel to several express stops before it delivers students to their school. In the afternoon, students are returned to the express stop for pick up by parents. Parents should anticipate that it will take the bus driver longer to safely travel the bus route during peak traffic times than for the parent to drive from their home to the school.


Students may also apply to:

Crossroads FLEX (grades 9-12) within this application (This school is not an Early College School)

Crossroads FLEX students do not receive district transportation- Parent Provides This school choice does not offer bus transportation to your address. Families that choose this option accept responsibility to ensure that students get to and from school.